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About Us

A group of young Carnatic music connoisseurs gathered around on the evening of Saraswati Pooja and were discussing about the famous “December Season” of carnatic music concerts in Chennai. Soon the discussion veered into the lack of opportunities to witness live performances of popular artists on the IT corridor. A need for an institution that will bring world class musicians, dancers and artists to perform for the residents of OMR was immediately felt. Rasikapriya Fine Arts Academy was thus started by this young group of art lovers with an aim of bringing world class music, dance and drama to the residents of OMR. The academy also aims to promote arts and culture by encouraging young budding artists to perform.

Our  Objective:

Rasikapriya Fine Arts Academy will bring renowned artists to perform for its members and general public every month. The academy also plans to conduct music festivals and concert series at regular intervals every year. Rasikapriya also wishes to encourage young talent by conducting competitions, seminars and lecture demonstrations. Rasikapriya wishes to conduct the following programs through the year.

  • Classical Music – Carnatic and Hindustani
  • Jugalbandi
  • Fusion music
  • Ghazal, Sufi
  • Abhang, Bhajans
  • Classical Dance
  • Dance Drama
  • Theatre